Premier Senior

  • Amulya Rajan
    Dementia Care Consultant and Psychologist
    MA Psychology

Amulya Rajan is a Dementia Care Consultant and Psychologist. Her proficiency in the field of dementia care includes providing services such as neurocognitive assessments, family counselings, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, training of staff and bedside attendants, acting as a liaison between neurologists and dementia families, and designing dementia sensitive environments in organisations.

Her work in the field spans more than a decade in various reputed organisations including Memory Clinic, NIMS Hospital, Hyderabad; Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India- Hyderabad Deccan Chapter; Kshetra Assisted Living Facility, Hyderabad; and Anvayaa Kin Care Pvt Ltd. Her latest work with Anvayaa Kin Care Pvt Ltd where she led the team in designing a state-of-the-art mobile app for dementia cognitive rehabilitation therapy, has been recently launched across several cities of India.

After getting a Master’s in Psychology from Osmania University, Hyderabad, Amulya received extensive training in the various clinical and therapeutic aspects of dementia care at the Memory clinic, NIMS Hospital under the able guidance of Dr Suvarna Alladi, Neurologist. Amulya had worked as Senior Research Associate on the esteemed Tata Longitudinal Study of Cognitive Ageing conducted at NIMS Hospital in collaboration with IISC Bangalore. Amulya has won several awards for presentations in conferences, and has co-authored several research publications in the field of dementia and continues to be actively involved in dementia research.

Amulya is also a design thinking education consultant and a personalised yoga trainer.