Premier Senior

Dementia Daycare

Dementia is a neurodegenerative condition that affects a person’s memory, thinking, speech, comprehension, mobility and many other cognitive and motor functions. Since it is incurable and progressive, it causes much distress to the person with dementia (PWD), and stress and burden to their families. At Premier Senior we provide across-the-spectrum services for PWDs and their families at our Dementia Daycare Centre and Memory Clinic. Our services include-

  • Neuro-cognitive assessments for PWDs
  • Counseling for caregivers
  • Dementia daycare services

Irrespective of their type or stage of dementia, at the Dementia Daycare Centre, PWDs can spend their day comfortably and resourcefully in a therapeutic environment, availing of individual and group cognitive stimulation therapy. They will be engaged in several physical, mental and socially stimulating activities, designed to suit their needs and abilities. Research has proven that cognitive stimulation therapy helps slow down the progression of dementia, and alleviates many disturbing symptoms, thus providing much respite to caregivers.