Premier Senior

Nutrition and Dietetics

It’s a common notion that aging means depending on others, but with proper nutrition, care and active lifestyle the process of aging can be delayed.

With age the process of degeneration increases in the body. There is a reduction in bone density which leads to higher risk of fractures.
Digestion is slower leading to lesser absorption of nutrients in the body. Also a lot of degeneration starts in the brain leading to slower physical movements and mental confusion.

With proper nutritional support and activities these age related changes can be delayed and overall dependency can be reduced.

Our Personalized Nutritional Assessment:

  1. Provides healthy nutritious food that is easily digestible.
  2. Ensures customized diet according to individual requirements.
  3. Creates awareness towards nutritional requirements and importance of hydration
  4. Ensures proper helping aids while feeding.
  5. Emphasize the importance of colour and texture of food to make it attractive as with age sense of smell and taste is altered(decreased).
  6. Provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience with peer group.